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Past Journal Club Talks


November 9 - Azadeh Moradinezhad (Buffalo) The physics of the early universe from CMB and Large Scale Structure Abstract
November 2 - Ken Han (BNL) CUORE-0: The First Tower of CUORE
November 1 - Takashi Moriya (IPMU) Light Curve Modeling of Superluminous Supernovae Abstract
October 26 - Nishikanta Khandai (BNL) The large scale clustering of the Lyman alpha forest Abstract
October 19 - Ying Zu (OSU) Cluster Cross-Correlation Cosmolog Abstract
October 18 - Eric Armengaut (CEA Saclay, Fr) EDELWEISS results and status Abstract
October 12 - Louis Strigari (Stanford) Multiple facets of Galactic dark matter searches Abstract
October 5 - Amanda Yoho (CWRU) Boosting the Universe: Observational consequences of our motion Abstract
October 2 - Thierry Lasserre (CEA) Testing the Reactor and Gallium Anomalies with intense (anti)neutrino emitters Abstract
September 28 - Antonio Cuesta (Yale) Measuring BAO in the reconstructed field of SDSS galaxies Abstract
September 21 - Lavinia Heisenbergz (Geneva) From Einstein through Vainshtein to dRGT design Abstract
July 20 - Yury Kolomensky (LBNL) Quantifying California's Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Budget Abstract
July 13 - Kate Maguire (Oxford) Type Ia supernovae: evolution with redshift and progenitor Abstract
June 29 - Marc L. Fischer (LBNL) Quantifying California's Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Budget Abstract
June 15 - Phil Barbeau (Stanford) New results from EXO-200 Abstract
May 4 - Nicholas McConnell (UCB) Big Game Hunting: Black Holes in Central Cluster Galaxies Abstract
May 1 - Alexey Lyashenko (Yale) Current status of the LUX Dark Matter Experiment Abstract
April 20 - Jason Dexter (UCB) Imaging a Black Hole Shadow with the Event Horizon Telescope Abstract
April 13 - Nicolas Abgrall (UCB) Analysis of the NA61/SHINE thin and long target data for neutrino flux predictions in the T2K experiment Abstract
April 6 - Christian Reichardt (UCB) A new look at the epoch of reionization with the South Pole Telescope Abstract
March 30 - Nick Hand (UCB) The detection of galaxy cluster motions using data from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope and BOSS Abstract
March 23 - Freija Descamps Investigating the feasibility of acoustic neutrino detection with the South Pole Acoustic Test Setup Abstract
March 16 - Joel Fajan (UCB/ LBNL) Physics with Trapped Antihydrogen Atoms Abstract
March 9 - Josh Albert (Duke) The recent T2K oscillation resultsAbstract
February 17 - Reinhard Genzel (UCB) A gas cloud on its way toward the super-massive black hole in the Galactic Center Abstract
February 10 - Justin Vandenbroucke (Stanford) Antiparticles in the shadow of the Earth: cosmic-ray positrons with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescop Abstract
February 3 - Peter Nugent (LBNL) - Observations of a Type Ia Supernova Within Hours of Explosion in the Pinwheel Galaxy Abstract
January 27 - Amit Yadav (IAS) - Probing the early universe: primordial non-Gaussianity and gravitational wavesAbstract
January 26 - Florian Beutler (University of Western Australia) Large scale structure analysis with the 6dF Galaxy Survey Abstract
January 25 - Dmitry Prokhorov (Stanford) Perspectives in X-ray, SZ, and gamma-ray studies of clusters of galaxies Abstract
January 20 - Hong Guo (Case Western Reserve Univ) The Evolution of Galaxies on the Red Sequence and Blue Cloud in BOSS Abstract
January 13 - Robert RohdeThe Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project Abstract


December 16 - Hee-Jong Seo (LBNL) Acoustic scale from the power spectra of SDSS DR8 photometric luminous galaxies Abstract
December 9 - Annalisa Pillepich (UCSC) Constraining primordial non-Gaussianity with the X-ray eROSITA cluster survey Abstract
December 2 - Michael Childress (LBNL) Host Galaxies of Type Ia Supernovae from the Nearby Supernova Factory Abstract
December 1 - David Marsh (Oxford) Ultra-light Axions: Degeneracies with Massive Neutrinos and Forecasts for Future Cosmological Observations Abstract
November 18 - Marilena LoVerde (Institute for Advanced Study) Local Primordial non-Gaussianity in Large-scale Structure Abstract
November 11 - Shahb Joudaki (UC Irvine) Beyond the Standard Model of Cosmology: Dark Energy, Neutrinos, and Primordial Non-Gaussianity Abstract
November 10 - Graeme Addison (Oxford) Connecting Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution with the Clustering of High-Redshift Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies Abstract
November 4 - Johannes Noller (Imperial Collage of London) Emergent galileons and chameleons Abstract
October 31 - Arthur Kosowsky Supernova Peculiar Velocities with LSST and BigBOSS Abstract
October 28 - Adam Becker (University of Michigan) Constraining Primordial Non-Gaussianity with the CMB and LSS Abstract
October 27 - Jan Kratochvil Probing Cosmology with Weak Lensing Minkowski Functionals and Peak Counts Abstract
October 21 - Doug Watson (Vanderbilt) Small scale clustering of galaxies Abstract
October 14 - Prof. Per Peterson (UC Berkeley) Progress in advanced reactor technology; use of fluoride salts and thorium Abstract
October 7 - INPA all stars Who's who in INPA 2011 Abstract
September 30 - Teruyuki Enoto (Stanford) Recent X-ray Observations of Strongly Magnetized Neuton Stars, Magnetars Abstract
September 23 - Beth Reid (LBNL/UCB) - Towards a model of redshift space distortions worthy of BOSS data Abstract
Septemeber 16 - Eli Rykoff (LBNL) Cosmology With Optically Selected Galaxy Clusters: Looking Forward to DES Abstract
September 9 - Sudeep Das (BCCP/UC Berkeley/LBL) A New View of the CMB from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope Abstract
September 2 - Teppei Okumura (IEU, Institute for the Early Universe) Distribution function approach to redshift space distortions: N-body simulations Abstract
August 12 - Tristan L. Smith (UC Berkeley) Beyond the the standard cosmological model: neutrinos and non-Gaussianity Abstract
August 5 - Hank Crawford Discovery of the anti-alpha particle at STAR Abstract
July 29 - Hiroshi Nishimura (LBNL, ALS) Cloud is not Cloudy Subtitle:Elephant in the Cloud Abstract
July 15 - Darren Grant (University of Alberta) DeepCore and beyond - a phased approach toward precision megaton neutrino detectors Abstract
July 1 - Eric Huff (UC Berkeley/LBNL) Seeing in the Dark: Cosmic Shear in SDSS Abstract
24 June - Antonino Cucchiara (UC Berkeley / LBNL) GRB 090429B: enlightening the dark ages of the Universe Abstract
10 June - Josh Meyers (UC Berkeley/LBNL) Type Ia supernovae and their host galaxies Abstract
3 June - Andrew Howard (UC Berkeley) Small planets are common: evidence from the Eta-Earth Survey and the Kepler mission Abstract
27 May - Nic Ross (LBNL) BOSS and The Height of the Quasar Empire Abstract
20 May - Reiko Nakajima (UC Berkeley / LBNL) Photometric redshift requirements for lens galaxies in galaxy-galaxy Abstract
13 May - Daryl Haggard (NorthWestern) The Impact of Galaxy Environment on the X-ray AGN Fraction Abstract
6 May - Jake VanderPlas (University of Washington) Gappy Weak Lensing: KL Interpolation of Shear Field Abstract
4 May - Yuan Mei (Rice University) New results from the search for dark matter with XENON100 Abstract
29 April - GianLucca Sabbi (LBNL) 15 T AND BEYOND - DIPOLES AND QUADRUPOLES Abstract
15 April - Prof. Jasmina Vujic (UC Berkeley, Nuclear Engineering) "What happened at Fukushima: What we know so far"
15 April Prof. Kai Vetter (UC Berkeley, Nuclear Engineering) "The Measurements of Radioactive Material coming our way"
12 April - Valentin Kozlov (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany) Final results of the EDELWEISS-II WIMP search using a 4-kg array of cryogenic germanium detectors with interleaved electrodes Abstract
8 April - Matt McQuinn (UC Berkeley) Lyman-alpha Forest: 3D Abstract
6 April - Thierry Lasserre (CEA Irfu APC) The Reactor Antineutrino AnomalyAbstract
1 April - Seon-Hee Seo (Stockholm University) Status of Reactor Experiment for Neutrino Oscillation (RENO) Abstract
18 March - Aaron Parsons (UC Berkeley) 21cm Cosmology: Probing the Epoch of Reionization Abstract
14 March - David Smith (CEN, Bordeaux) Gamma-ray pulsars, Radio Data, and Some News from the Milky Way Abstract
11 March - Melissa Graham (LCOGT/UCSB) Type Ia Supernovae with CFHT Abstract
4 March - Thomas O'Donnell (LBNL) Status of the KamLAND experiment Abstract
25 February - Bruce Grossan (LBNL) UFFO & XIGI: Faster Telescopes, Gamma-Ray Burst Astrophysics, Shock Physics, and Maybe Cosmology Abstract
18 February - Dragan Huterer (University of Michigan) Falsifying Paradigms for Cosmic Acceleration - Abstract
16 February - George Fuller (UC San Diego) Big Bang Nucleosynthesis and the Frontiers of Neutrino Physics
11 February - Masao Sako (University of Pennsylvania) - Cosmology with Photometric Supernovae - Abstract
10 February - Christel Smith (Arizona State University) - New Nuclear and Weak Physics in Big Bang Nucleosynthesis - Abstract
9 February - Rachel Mandelbaum (Princeton) - Current and Future Weak Lensing Cosmology Results with Wide-field Imaging Surveys -Abstract
7 February - Cody Raskin (Arizona State University) - Double Degenerate Collisions and Mergers - Abstract
4 February - Rebecca Stanek (University of Michigan) - Massive Halos in Millennium Gas Simulations: Assembly Bias and Merger Histories - Abstract
3 February - Zarija Lukic (LANL) - Cluster Cosmology: Opportunities and Challenges - Abstract
2 February - Arman Shafieloo (IEU Korea) - Probing the anisotropic local universe and beyond with SNe 1a data - Abstract
27 January - Jing Liu (IPMU/Kamioka Observatory) - The construction and commissioning of XMASS 800kg detector - Abstract
26 January - Elise Jennings (Durham University) - Measuring dark energy using the large scale structure of the Universe - Abstract
21 January - Alex Vikman (CERN) - Imperfect Dark Energy of Kinetic Gravity Braiding - Abstract
19 January - Hendrik Hildebrandt (University of British Columbia) - Studying Galaxies, Clusters, and Cosmology with Weak Lensing Magnification - Abstract
5 January - Charles Steinhardt (IPMU/University of Tokyo) - New Puzzles in Supermassive Black Hole Evolution - Abstract


17 December - Daniel Bemmerer (Dresden) - Measuring stellar fusion cross sections - Abstract
10 December - Joseph Richards (UCB) - Photometric Classification of Astronomical Transients and Variable Stars - Abstract
3 December - Dan Kasen (LBNL/UCB) - More than one way to blow up a white dwarf - Abstract
19 November - Simeon Bird (Cambridge) - Reconstructing the Matter Power Spectrum From the Lyman-Alpha Forest - Abstract
12 November - Shun Saito (LBNL/UC Berkeley) - Toward unlocking the full potential of BAO information through galaxy surveys - Abstract
5 November - Dovi Poznanski (LBNL/UCB) - Cosmology with Type II-P Supernovae, and the High Redshift Rates of Supernovae Ia - Abstract
29 October - Imke de Pater (UCB) - Impacts on Jupiter Galore - Abstract
15 October - Jianjun Chen, Zhongrui Bai, Guangwei Li (NAOC) - LAMOST Telescope and Its 2D Pipeline - Abstract
8 October - Renee Hlozek (Oxford University) - The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Spectrum and parameters from the 2008 South survey at 148 and 218 GHz - Abstract
1 October - Weidong Li (UC Berkeley) - Nearby Supernova Rates from the Lick Observatory Supernova Search (LOSS) - Abstract
24 September - Jason Steffen (FermiLab) - Results of the GammeV-CHASE probe for chameleon dark energy| - Abstract
17 September - Richard Scalzo (Yale University) - Exploding Supermassive White Dwarfs from the Nearby Supernova Factory - Abstract
10 September - Sanghamitra Deb (LBNL) - Probing Galaxy Clusters with Gravitational Lensing - Abstract
3 September - INPA All-Stars - Whose Who in INPA 2010
20 August - Hank Crawford (UCB/SSL) - Observation of an antimatter hypernucleus - Abstract
30 July - Justin Vandenbroucke (Stanford)- Physics and Astrophysics with Gamma-ray Telescopes - Abstract
23 July - Paul Luke (LBNL) - CdZnTe room temperature gamma-ray detectors - Abstract
16 July - Jinfeng Liao (LBNL) - Possible Local parity Violation in Heavy Ion Collisions - Abstract
9 July - Davide Pietrobon (Cal Tech/JPL) - Extracting cosmological information effectively - Abstract
25 June - Lisa Gerhardt (LBNL) - IceCube Neutrino Detector - Abstract
4 June - Terry Hazen (LBNL) - Gulf oil spill: the hope, hype, and science needs
28 May - Alberto Lemut (LBNL) - DIANA an underground nuclear astrophysics experiment - Abstract
17 May - Charles Baltay (Yale) - Report of the JDEM Interim Science Working Group - Abstract
7 May - Giulia Gubitosi (Sapienza University of Rome) - Planck-scale induced birefringence and CMB polarization data - Abstract
30 April - Nicholas Barriere (Space Sciences Lab) - Focusing Gamma-rays for Sub-MeV Astrophysics: Development of a Laue Lens - Abstract
16 April - Mark Chen (Queen's University, Kingston, Canada) - Geoneutrinos from the Ground Up - Abstract
2 April - J. D. Jackson (LBNL) - Llewellyn Hilleth Thomas: An appraisal of an under-appreciated polymath - Abstract
26 March - David Goldstein (NRDC) - Invisible Energy - Abstract
19 March - Spencer Klein (LBNL) - Tent Camping on the Ross Ice Shelf: the search for EeV neutrinos with ARIANNA - Abstract
12 March - Ed Turner (Princeton) - Detecting Extrasolar Planets, Plants and Beaches - Abstract
5 March - Eyal Kazin (NYU) - The Baryonic Acoustic Feature and Redshift Distortions in the SDSS LRG Sample - Abstract
26 February - Dan Kasen (UC Santa Cruz) - Characterizing the Transient Sky - Abstract
19 February - Boris Kayser (Fermilab) - Do Decay Rates Oscillate Because of Neutrino Mass? - Abstract
12 February - Bruce Buchholz (LLNL) - Using Accelerator Mass Spectrometry to Exploit the Carbon-14 Bomb-Pulse - Abstract
5 February - David Rapetti (Stanford University) - Constraints on dark energy, cluster astrophysics, modified gravity and neutrino properties from the observed growth of massive clusters - Abstract
1 February - Ori Fox (University of Virginia) - Hot Dust! Late-Time Infrared Emission From Supernovae (and a Quick Summary of the Next Generation of Infrared Detectors) - Abstract
29 January - Peter Nugent (LBNL) - Discovery of the Pair-Instability Supernova - Abstract
22 January - Olivier Le Fevre (Director, LAM Institute, France) - Deep Spectroscopic Redshift Surveys: with VLT-VIMOS: VVDX, zCOSMOS, VIPERS... - Abstract
15 January - James Loach (LBNL) - LETA - The SNO Low Energy Threshold Analysis - Abstract


18 December - Lincoln Greenhill (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA) - Outback Radio Cosmology: the Epoch of Reionization and the Murchison Wide-field Array - Abstract
16 December - Steve Ritz (UC Santa Cruz) - Report of the HEPAP Particle Astrophysics Scientific Assessment Group (PASAG) - Abstract
11 December - Beth Reid (University of Barcelona) - Final Results from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: geometry of the universe and contraints on cosmological neutrinos - Abstract
4 December - Alberto Vallinotto (Fermilab) - Dark matter Under Different Angles - Abstract
20 November - Lucas Lombriser (University of Zurich) - Testing Modifications of General Relativity with Cosmological Observations - Abstract
13 November - Pascal Ripoche (LBNL) - Type Ia Supernovae Rate as a Function of Redshift from the First 3 Years of the SuperNovae Legacy Survey -Abstract6 November - Guido D'Amico (SISSA) - The Effective Theory of Quintessence and its Observational Signatures - Abstract
23 October - Mark Krumholz (UC Santa Cruz) - The Formation of Massive Stars - Abstract
16 October - Charles Wohl (LBNL) - Luis Alvarez and the Pyramid Burial Chambers, the JFK Assassination, and the End of the Dinosaurs - Abstract
9 October - Nico Hamaus (University of Zurich) - Obtimizing Large Scale Structure Information from Biased Tracers - Abstract
29 September - Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber (University of Kiel) - Solar Orbiter - Exploring the Sun-Earth Connection - Abstract
18 September - Andrew Wetzel (UC Berkeley) - Satellite galaxy merging and disruption - Abstract
4 September -Stijn Buitink (LBNL) - Radio Detection of Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos - Abstract
28 August - Francesco de Bernardis (Physics Department and Sezione INFN, University of Rome "la Sapienza") - Determining the Neutrino Mass Hierarchy with Cosmology - Abstract
August - Weidong Li (UC Berkeley) - The Luminosity Function, Rate, and Distance of Supernova - Abstract
31 July - Pablo Saz Parkinson (UC Santa Cruz) - New Gamma-Ray Pulsars discovered by Fermi and their TeV Pulsar-Wind Nebulae seen by Milagro -Abstract
24 July - Delia Tosi (DESY) - Status of activities for acoustic neutrino detection at the South Pole - Abstract
17 July - Brad Cenko (UC Berkeley) - Future directions in gamma-ray burst and supernovae studies - Abstract
10 July - Andreas Keiling (Space Sciences Lab) - Electrical tornadoes in space as drivers of the Northern Lights - Abstract
26 June - Ian Parrish (UC Berkeley) - Anisotropic Thermal Conduction and the Cooling Flow Problem in Galaxy Clusters - Abstract
19 June - Gabor Worseck (UCO/Lick Observatory) - Constraining helium reionization with the HEII Lyman alpha forest in the HST/COS era - Abstract
12 June - Ryan Wiser (LBNL) - Tracking the US Wind Industry: Annual Report on U.S. Wind Energy Markets: 2008 - Abstract
5 June - Nicola Farina (University of Rome "La Sapienza") - Weak Response of Nuclear Matter - Abstract
22 May - Jensen Li (UC Berkeley) - Cloaking at Optical Frequencies using Dielectrics - Abstract
15 May - Nepomuk Otte (UC Santa Cruz) - Detection of the Crab Pulsar above 25 GeV with the MAGIC Cherenkov Telescope -Abstract
8 May - Andrew Howard (UC Berkeley) - Searches for Low-Mass Extrasolar Planets - Abstract
1 May - Prof. Roland Burgmann (UC Berkeley) - A tectonic time bomb in our backyard: Earthquake potential of the Hayward fault
24 April - Brian Metzger (UC Berkeley) - Mini-Supernovae from Outflows from Accretion Disks formed by Compact Object Mergers and Accretion-Induced Collapse - Abstract
21 April - Michelle Leber (University of Washington) - Measuring the Neutrino Mass - Abstract
17 April - Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl (UC Berkeley) - Concerns on the Seismic and Blast Vulnerabilities of the New East Spans of the Bay Bridge - Abstract
10 April - Ryan Martin (Queen's University) - Results from the Neutral Current Detector Phase of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory - Abstract
27 March - William Carithers (LBNL) - A perspective on the ATIC evidence for a 300-800 GeV electron excess in cosmic rays - Abstract
24 March - Greg Keefer (University of Alabama) - Working Toward a Low Energy Solar Neutrino Measurement with KamLAND - Abstract
20 March - Giorgio Gratta (Stanford University) - EXO: Status and Perspectives -Abstract
13 March - Nick Ross (Penn State) - The Clustering and Evolution of Quasars over the last 10 billion years - Abstract
6 March
- Norman Murray (CITA) - Maximum Density of Baryons on Parsec and Larger Scales - Abstract
27 February - Rollin Thomas (LBNL) - Nearby Supernova Factory Showroom - Abstract
20 February - Joshua Bloom (UC Berkeley) - SASIR: the Synoptic All-Sky Inrared Survey - Abstract
13 February - Thomas Schenkel (LBNL) - Exploration of quantum computer architectures with spins in silicon and diamond - Abstract
6 February - Dinesh Loomba (University of New Mexico) - The DRIFT Dark Matter Search - Abstract
30 January
- Steve Asztalos (LLNL) - Chasing Dark Matter Axions to the Quantum Limit - Abstract
23 January - Blake Simmons (LBNL) - Energy Innovation at the Joint BioEnergy Institute - Abstract
16 January - Mike Sholl (SSL) - Optics for space missions and space telescopes - Abstract
9 January
- Eric B. Norman (LBNL, LLNL) - Evidence Against Correlations Between Nuclear Decay Rates and the Earth-Sun Distance - Abstract


19 December - Eric Hsiao (University of Victoria) - Spectroscopic Diversity of Type Ia Supernovae in the Near-Infrared - Abstract
12 December - Guy Ron (Tel Aviv) - The Proton Electromagnetic Form Factor Ratio at Low Q2 - Abstract
5 December - Azriel Goldschmidt (LBNL) - IceCube in Search of Point Sources and Dark Matter - Abstract
21 November - Douglas Scott - University of British Columbia - Crazy Things to do with the Cosmic Microwave Background - Abstract TBA
14 November - William Holzapfel (UC Berkeley) - The South Pole Telescope: A new probe of cluster cosmology -Abstract
7 November - Peter Capak (IPAC) - New Perspectives on Galaxy Evolution From the COSMOS Survey - Abstract
31 October - Andrea Pocar (Stanford University) - Latest results from Borexino - Abstract
24 October - Rikard Enberg (Uppsala / LBNL) - High energy neutrinos from the atmosphere and from astrophysical sources - Abstract
17 October - Bob Budnitz (LBNL) - Recent Progress in U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Safety - Abstract
10 October - Stella Offner (UCB - Astronomy) - AMR Studies of Star Formation: Simulations and Simulated Observations - Abstract
3 October - Nevin Weinberg (UCB - Astronomy) - Measuring the Properties of the Milky Way's Central Supermassive Black Hole with Stellar Orbits - Abstract
19 September - David Reyna (Sandia National Lab) - Monitoring Nuclear Reactors with Neutrinos - Abstract
12 September - Bill Carithers (LBNL) - Selected astrophysical topics from ICHEP08 International Conference - Abstract
12 September - George Smoot (LBNL) - Views of Northern Pakistan and the total solar eclipse
5 September - Rich Muller (UCB/LBNL) - Physics for Future Presidents - Abstract
29 August - Yury Kolomensky (UCB/LBNL) - Selected results from the International Conference on High Energy Physics 2008 - Abstract
22 August - Paul Vetter (LBNL) - Cm3 detector neutrino science: search for neutrino oscillations in electron capture decay - Abstract
1 August
- Jason X. Prochaska (UCSC) - Baryons: What, When and Where? - Abstract
25 July - Maryam Modjaz (UCB Astronomy Miller Fellow) - Supernova 2008D/ X-ray Transient 080109: Death of a Stripped Massive Star - Abstract
28 July - Corey Reed (CPPM [France]) - In Search of High Energy Neutrinos with the Antares Underwater Telescope - Abstract
18 July - Eric Gawiser (Rutgers) - Probing the Dark Matter-Galaxy Formation Connection with Lyman Alpha Emitting Galaxies - Abstract
27 June - Jose Alonso (SUSEL) - Progress at the Sanford Lab at Homestake - Abstract
20 June - Bill Carithers (LBNL) - Some thoughts on the recent DAMA/LIBRA papers on a direct detection dark matter search - Abstract
13 June - Dawei Liu (LBNL) - The Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment - Abstract
6 June - Jonathan Eastwood (Space Science Lab) - The Science of Space Weather - Abstract
30 May - Kirsten Howley (UC Santa Cruz) - Darwin Tames an Andromeda Dwarf: Unraveling the Orbit of NGX 205 Using a Genetic Algorithm - Abstract19 May - Noah Oblath (University of Washington) - Solar Neutrinos at the Conclusion of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory - Abstract (opens as pdf)
2 May - Dan Babich (CalTech) - Cosmological non-Gaussianity - Abstract
13 May - D. J. Koskinen (University College London) - NuMI Muon Monitor Studies and First Results from the MINOS Sterile Neutrino Search - Abstract
25 April - David Fridley (LBNL) - China's Energy and Environmental Crisis - Abstract
18 April - Adam Bernstein (LLNL) - Dark Matter, Coherent Scatter, and Dual Phase Detectors - Abstract
11 April - Lindley Winslow (LBNL/UC Berkeley) - KamLAND: Measuring Neutrinos from the Earth, the Sun and Nuclear Reactors - Abstract
28 March - Oliver Zahn (UC Berkeley) - The state of the art of 21 cm science - Abstract
14 March - Douglas Spolyar (UC Santa Cruz) - The effect of dark matter on the first stars: a new phase of stellar evolution - Abstract
7 March - Jim Bishop (UC Berkeley/LBNL) - Fixes for a greenhouse planet: Why the jury is still out on Ocean Iron Fertilization (OIF) - Abstract
29 February - Michael Nauenberg (UC Santa Cruz) - E.C. Stoner's Pioneering Work on White Dwarfs - Abstract
22 February - Carl Pennypacker (UC Berkeley/LBNL) - Developing Dome A on the East Antarctic Plateau for Astronomy - Abstract
15 February - Tom Cahill (UC Davis) - The Physics and Chemistry of Aerosols from the World Trade Center Collapse Piles - Abstract
1 February - Sally Heap (NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center) - A Mission Concept for the Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF) - Abstract
25 January - Geoffrey Nelson (CSU Fresno) - Facts from the Fallout - Seeking Answers in the Forbidden Zone - Abstract
18 January - Anton Tikhonov (St. Petersburg, Russia) - Voids in the Local Volume galaxy sample and in high resolution simulations: Limit on appearance of a galaxy in a Dark Matter halo - Abstract


14 December - Michael Schneider (UC Davis) - Control of systematic errors in obtaining dark energy constraints from galaxy and weak lensing surveys - Abstract
7 December - Don Backer (UC Berkeley) -Progress with PAPER: Precision Array to Probe the Epoch of Reionization - Abstract
30 November - Robert Quimby (Caltech) - Big and Bright: Two Discoveries from the Texas Supernova Search - Abstract
15 November - Ryan Foley (UC Berkeley) - Utilizing Composite Spectra of Type Ia Supernovae - Abstract
16 November, Friday - Katie Mack (Princeton) - Primordial black holes in the Dark Ages - Abstract
9 November - Geoff Bower (UC Berkeley) - FiGSS, RRATS, and Burpers: Low Hanging Fruit in the New Radio Sky - Abstract
2 November - David Rapetti (SLAC) - New contraints on dark energy from X-ray galaxy cluster studies - Abstract
26 October - Lisa Gerhardt (UC Irvine) - Results of the Search for Ultra High-Energy Neutrinos with AMANDA-II - Abstract
25 October - Shahid Hussein (Bartol Research Institute, University of Delaware) - Radio Detection of Ultrahigh Energy Neutrinos - Abstract
16 October - Kevin McCarty (Princeton) - First real time detection of sub-MeV solar neutrino in Borexino
12 October - John Harte (UC Berkeley) - Predicting Climate-Ecosystem Feedbacks: A Daunting Challenge - Abstract
5 October - Alvaro De Rújula (CERN and Boston University) - Cosmic Rays, Gamma-Ray bursts, and their simple understanding - Abstract
21 September - Xiaofeng Wang (UC Berkeley) - Optical and Infrared Observations of SN 2006X in M100 and a Possible Hint for the Presence of Circumstellar Dust - Abstract
7 September - Huan Tran (UC Berkeley) -Measuring the polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background; From detection to probing Inflation - Abstract
14 September - Thomas R. Bloxham (Birmingham-UK) - Neutrinoless double Beta decay and the use of pixelated Cadmium Zinc Telluride detectors to observe it. - Abstract
24 August - Joanna Kiryluk (LBNL) - Highlights of the 30th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC, July 3-11, Mexico)
3 August - Daniel Holz (LANL) - Cosmology with Gravitational Waves - Abstract
27 July - Elsa Couderc and Spencer Klein (LBNL/INPA) - Photon interactions at the highest energies - Abstract
20 July - Justin Vandenbroucke (UC Berkeley) - Pop goes the neutrino: Acoustic detection of astrophysical neutrinos - Abstract
6 July - Jason Wright (UC Berkeley) - Multiple Planet Systems and the Search for Solar System Analogs - Abstract
29 June - Edward Laws (LSU) - Aquatic Pollution - Abstract
22 June - Michael Ramsey-Musolf (CalTech) - Neutrinos and Effective Field Theories
15 June - Lifan Wang (Texas A&M) - Site Survey and Science at Dome A, Antarctica - Abstract
6 June - Richard Firestone (LBNL) - The Extraterrestrial Impact that Killed the Mammoths and Caused 1,300 years of Global Cooling - Abstract
23 May - Andrea Pocar (Stanford) - Radon suppression for the Borexino nylon vessels - Abstract
18 May - Eddie Baron (University of Oklahoma) - SNe Ia Models and Observations: A Spectroscopist's Point of View - Abstract

11 May - Steven Dazeley (LLNL) - Double Chooz and Theta_13 - Abstract
4 May - Gregory Engel (UCB and LBNL/Physical Biosciences Division) - Understanding Design Principles behind Photosynthesis: Insights from Two Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy - Abstract
27 April - A. Paul Alivisatos (LBNL & UC Berkeley) - Nanocrystal Based Solar Cells - Abstract
20 April - Michael Ware (Holland & Knight) - Is the Global Carbon Market Working? - Abstract
5 April - Zeljko Ivazic (University of Washington) - Reaching for the sky with SDSS and LSST - Abstract
30 March - Pisin Chen (SLAC) - Magnetowave Induced Plasma Wakefield Acceleration for Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays - Abstract
23 March - Mark Wise (Caltech) - Imprints of a Primordial Preferred Direction on the Microwave Background - Abstract
16 March - Lifan Wang (Texas A&M University) - From Polarized SNe and the expansion of the Local Universe - Abstract
2 March - J. D. Jackson (LBNL) - Examples of the Zeroth Theorem of the History of Science - Abstract
23 February - Matt Francis (Univ. Sydney) - Cosmological Structure: The Effects of Dark Energy - Abstract
21 February - Daniel Grin (Caltech) - A Telescope Search for Decaying Relic Axions - Abstract
16 February - Rychard Bouwens (Lick Observatory) - Galaxy Buildup During the First 1.5 Billion Years of Cosmic History - Abstract
9 February - Vincent Desjacques (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) - The Probability Distribution of the Flux in the Lya Forest - Abstract
2 February - Cecile Roucelle (LBNL/INPA) - Status and first results of the Pierre Auger Observatory - Abstract
26 January - Nathaniel Bowden (Sandia) - Reactor Monitoring and Safeguards using Compact Antineutrino Detectors - Abstract

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