Dark Matter Under Different Angles

Alberto Vallinotto


Most often, the dark matter puzzle is analyzed along a single perspective, thus trying to answer a single question. Either "what is the dark matter?", focusing on its microscopic nature, or "how is dark matter distributed in the universe?" focusing on the large scale structure of the universe, or still "how does it affect what we observe in the sky?". Both my scientific interests and some random fluctuations at the beginning of my career have conspired so that I would take on projects in all these fields. Leaving aside the ambition -- and the impossible task -- to be comprehensive, I will review some interesting aspects of these fields and some of my contributions, ranging from using astrophysical cross-correlations to put constraints on the neutrino masses, to the interplay between Higgs searches at colliders and dark matter experiments, to using gamma ray observations to detect and measure properties of extra dimensions.