Dark Matter, Coherent Scatter and Dual Phase Detectors

Adam Bernstein

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Thanks to their attractive scaling properties and remarkable discrimination power, Dual Phase Detectors have demonstrated highly competitive performance in the global search for weakly Interacting massive particle (WIMP) dark matter. I will describe the XENON10 10 kg dual phase detector, and present a stringent limit placed on WIMP dark matter using this device. In addition, I will discuss work by the newly formed LUX (Large Underground Xenon) detector collaboration on a 300 kg dual phase xenon detector. I will also discuss efforts at LLNL to achieve a first ever measurement of a closely related phenomenon, neutrino-nucleus scattering using dual phase argon detectors. The XENON10 results have just been published in J. Angle et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 021303 (2008).