NuMI Muon Monitor Studies and
First Results from the MINOS Sterile Neutrino Search

D. J. Koskinen
University College London


Abstract: The oft theorized existence of a sterile neutrino is an attractive explanation of neutrino mass, warm dark matter and other astrophysical puzzles. By looking for a deficit of Neutral Current interactions MINOS can provide insight into the existence and potential properties of a light sterile neutrino. Initial results will be shown from the MINOS Neutral Current Analysis using the 2.46e20 POT exposure.

Studies using the muon beam accompanying the NuMI neutrino beam can be used to further the collective understanding of neutrino physics. Included in the talk will be an overview of the physics uses of the NuMI muon monitors to calculate neutrino flux, cross section and data driven systematics.