Cosmology with Type II-P Supernovae, and the High Redshift Rates of Supernovae Ia

Dovi Poznanski
(LBNL/UC Berkeley)


Observations of Type II-P supernovae (SNe) are  closing the gap with SNe Ia for cosmological measurements. While SNe Ia are more luminous, SNe II-P are more numerous at high z, and easier to model ab initio. While current SN Ia surveys have reached the limit of systematic uncertainties, SNe II-P offer a different lever arm. This suggests that II-P's may become a prominent tool in the TMT/LSST/JWST era, if proper foundations are laid in time. I will describe our results to date, and our current efforts to further test and apply these methods. Though we see this work as a pathfinder, this project can supply an independent, unequivocal measure of cosmic acceleration. If time permits I will also discuss our latest results on the measurement of the rate of SNe Ia at high redshift, as a probe of progenitor channels.