Deep Spectroscopic Redshift Surveys: with VLT-VIMOS: VVDS, zCOSMOS, VIPERS...

Olivier Le Fevre, Director
LAM Institute, France


Understanding galaxy and large scale structure formation and evolution  requires the observations of unbiased samples of galaxies in large volumes all along cosmic time. The multi-slit spectrograph VIMOS has been designed to do just that, and   has been the workhorse for deep surveys at the ESO-VLT since 2002. I will discuss some  of the key results which have been obtained on the VIMOS VLT Deep Survey (VVDS) and  the zCOSMOS survey, from which a clearer picture of galaxy evolution is emerging.  I will discuss the power of deep redshift surveys as a probe of the cosmological model, with expectations from the on-going VIPERS survey. I will conclude with a presentation of DIORAMAS , the next generation Multi-slit spectrograph under study for the ESO-EELT.