Analysis of the NA61/SHINE thin and long target data for neutrino flux predictions in the T2K experiment

Nicolas Abgrall


Precise knowledge of the neutrino fluxes and cross-sections is becoming very important for the on-going study of neutrino oscillations. For the T2K experiment, a precise prediction of the expected neutrino flux at the near and far detectors is required. Detailed measurements of
particle production in a thin Carbon target and in a replica of the T2K target were therefore performed in the NA61/SHINE experiment at the CERN SPS, during a pilot run in 2007. The efficient use of long target data requires dedicated reconstruction and analysis techniques. A first set of results obtained from the 2007 NA61/SHINE run is presented. The use of these data for neutrino flux predictions in T2K is discussed. Recent T2K measurements of neutrino oscillation parameters are reviewed.