The Baryonic Acoustic Feature and Redshift Distortions in the SDSS LRG Sample

Eyal Kazin


The Baryonic Acoustic Feature in galaxy clustering is one of the most exciting and promising cosmological distance measurements in modern cosmology. I present clustering measurements of the spherically averaged and line-of-sight acoustic features in the Luminous Red Galaxy sample from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, as well as what might be expected in the (just begun) Baryonic Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey.

I will also present results obtained from redshift distortions  in galaxy clustering. As galaxies are observed in redshift-space, as opposed to real-space, peculiar velocities strongly affect the line-of-sight clustering signal. By quantifying these distortions, constraints on their progenitor, namely the matter density of the universe OmegaM0, may be obtained.