Invisible Energy

David Goldstein


Invisible Energy demonstrates the magnitude of the potential benefits of implementing energy efficiency technology and policies. The book shows how the two major challenges of our time—stabilizing global climate and promoting economic development—are related. In particular, it demonstrates how ineffective energy efficiency policy is at the heart of many of the fundamental causes of the current recession, and related to most of the remaining causes. It also shows how current market failures restrict competition and discourage innovation, impeding development of energy efficient products, and how, when these problems are overcome, technological progress can yield much larger savings than have been estimated to date.

Invisible Energy discusses some of the reasons, both physical and political, why efficient use is a forgotten resource both in comparison to green energy as well as polluting sources. It shows how thoughtful policies, smart regulations, and new technologies can support a drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time fostering greater economic growth.