Testing the Reactor and Gallium Anomalies with intense (anti)neutrino emitters

Thierry Lasserre


Several observed anomalies in neutrino oscillation data can be explained by a hypothetical fourth neutrino separated from the three standard neutrinos by a squared mass difference of more than 0.1 eV$^2$. We will discussed in details both the gallium and reactor antineutrino anomalies. We will discuss the possibility to test both anomalies on a relatively short time-scale with new short baseline reactor experiments and with MCi neutrino EC-sources ($^{51}$Cr, $^{37}$Ar) or kCi antineutrino $\beta$-source ($^{144}$Ce, $^{106}$Ru) deployed inside or next to a large low background liquid scintillator detector. We wiill focus on the CeLAND experiment aiming at the deployment of a ten kilocurie scale 144Ce antineutrino beta-source at the center of a large low background liquid scintillator detector, such like Borexino, KamLAND, and SNO+.