Nearby Supernova Factory Showroom

Rollin Thomas


The Nearby Supernova Factory has successfully completed a 4-year program of end-to-end discovery and detailed spectrophotometric follow-up of supernovae at z < 0.1.  Over 1000 supernovae of all types were discovered, 600 of which were spectroscopically confirmed, and almost 400 of these Type Ia.  Spectrophotometric time series were obtained for about 185 Type Ia supernovae suitable for use as cosmological distance indicators, detailed studies of supernova systematics, and improving our understanding of the physics of these events.  I will summarize the progress of our survey over its history, present light-curves and our current low-redshift Hubble diagram, and highlight particularly unique and interesting analyses we have undertaken with this rich dataset.  In particular, I will discuss a new single-epoch spectroscopic luminosity indicator competitive with (or even more effective than) existing light-curve/color corrections.