Exploring the microwave sky beyond CMB using cross correlations

Amir Hajian


Past decade has been a golden era for precision cosmology. Cosmological surveys combined with Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) provided us with valuable tools for studying the physics of the universe. Using a series of high-resolution and high-sensitivity CMB experiments, we have learned a great deal about the material content, shape and structure of the universe. These achievements have come about with the help of precise characterization of the statistical properties of the CMB fluctuations. In this talk, I will discuss the new astrophysical playground the current generation of the CMB experiments has opened up for us. I will describe how interesting information, beyond the traditional CMB power spectrum parameters, can be extracted from CMB data using cross correlations with the large scale structure surveys. I will present two recent results measuring thermal Sunya'ev Zeldovich effect and the Cosmic Infrared Background using cross correlations of CMB with X-ray and infrared data.