Christopher Grant
(UC Davis)

CAPTAIN: An experiment dedicated to addressing the challenges of neutrino science in liquid Argon TPCs

The Cryogenic Apparatus for Precision Tests of Argon Interactions with Neutrinos (CAPTAIN) program is designed to make measurements of scientific importance to long-baseline neutrino physics and physics topics that will be explored by large underground detectors. To address the challenges facing future long-baseline neutrino detectors, the CAPTAIN collaboration is commissioning two liquid Argon time projections chambers (LArTPCs) and a liquid Argon well counter, all of which will be positioned in particle beams over the next few years. This talk will give an overview of the physics importance of the CAPTAIN program and outline the initial beam measurements that will be made by the CAPTAIN series of detectors. A more detailed outline will be presented of work performed at the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory 67 MeV proton cyclotron involving neutron-Argon cross-section measurements, an effort to constrain our understanding of backgrounds for supernova neutrino detection in liquid Argon.