Emilija Pantic
(UC Davis)

The DarkSide direct dark matter search program at LNGS

The DarkSide staged program at LNGS laboratory utilizes detector system consisting of ultra-low- background dual-phase time projection chamber with underground liquid argon as the target material for the scattering of dark matter particles surrounded by active neutron and then muon veto. Multiple experimental handles, such as argon pulse shape, ratio of ionization over scintillation signal, 3D event reconstruction and veto tagging, are used for precise measurements and active rejection of backgrounds in-situ. This talk will provide an overview of the design and performance of the current stage DarkSide-50 detector along with the results from the first atmospheric argon run. Following that, status and projection of the next stage DarkSide-G2, aiming to reach sensitivity to WIMP-nucleon interactions with cross sections of 1.5 x10^(-47) cm^2, will be presented.