Yu Feng

Milky way-mass disk galaxies in a z=8 universe

The size of large scale cosmological simulations have steadily increased with time, catching up with the computing power of state-of-art super-computing facilities. In this talk I will present the first results on high-redshift galaxy morphology from the BlueTides simulation, a hydrodynamic simulation of the early universe up to z=8 with nearly 700 billion particles in a 400 Mpc/h per side box. BlueTides resolves galaxy formation in a volume that is several hundred times bigger than the footprint of the largest Hubble Ultra Deep Field survey (BoRG) at this redshift. The simulation predicts the existence of a population of disk galaxies with masses comparable to our Milky-way galaxy. Upcoming observations (e.g. with WFIRST) will be capable of observing many such galaxies, and open up a new frontier in the physics of high-redshift galaxy formation.